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Selby Component RGB To VGA Video Cable VG9565

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  • Selby Component RGB To VGA Video Cable VG9565
  • Selby Component RGB To VGA Video Cable VG9565
  • Selby Component RGB To VGA Video Cable VG9565
  • Selby Component RGB To VGA Video Cable VG9565

Component RGB To VGA Video Cable VG9565

Part Number: VG9565.con

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Get the very best picture from DVD and HDTV on your Projector!

We have ordered these short lengths specifically for connecting up your projector from a WALL PLATE. No more messy clusters of cables hanging from behind your projector.
- Quality Component Video/RGB to VGA Cable
- Gold Connectors
- Excellant video quality

This cable has been designed for connecting a Component source (DVD, Set Top box etc) to a Projector with switchable VGA/ Component input. Designed using UL2725 specifications complete with AL foil sheilding.Most DVD players have Component Outputs. Simply connect the 3 RCA into their respective sockets on your DVD. Connect your VGA connector into the Projector and set the input to Component.

Please Note: This cable is pretty much only for use with projectors, it is not suitable for connecting PC/Computer VGA to normal TV's/Plasma component inputs and will not work connecting DVD to Computer Monitors.

Part of our New Range
This cable is part of a new range of A/V cables we have source at an outstanding price. We have orded these without the expensive retail packaging so we can offer truely fantastic value! 

Features of this range of cables include:
- DB915 moulded plug to 3 RCA
- Thumb screws for secure connection
- 24 carat hard gold plated RCA's, VGA not gold plated
- 100% shielded metal bodied plugs with positive finger grip & moulded cable strain relief.
- Video cable covered in a soft and flexible black jacket- Recommended for digital or analogue signals
- For home theatre systems, Hi-Fi systems, video / camcorder / TV / VCR / editing suites, DVD, satellite and any application which deserves the absolute best in A/V performance
- Clean and clear image reproduction 

15 Pins or 14 Pins?
You may notice that one of the 15 pins is "missing". In the past, female VGA sockets only had 14 holes. This was so that similar 15-pin connections couldn't be plugged into the VGA socket by mistake. The "missing" pin remains unused in most consumer applications, so 14-pin cables work perfectly for connecting PC monitors, projectors, etc. Note that some more advanced applications such as security surveillance systems do use the 15th pin. 

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