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HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable 1080p for Video Camera Ultrabooks HMI4436

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HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable 1080p for Video Camera Ultrabooks HMI4436

Part Number: HMI4436.con

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Most commonly used with small, portable devices including digital cameras and video cameras.

Great Quality
This is not a budget HDMI cable: this is a quality "High Speed with Ethernet" HDMI cable at a budget price. Capable of 3D! From an HDMI certified manufacturer, this HDMI cable complies with HDMI specifications and is capable of carrying 3D signals and full high definition signals. These cables feature 26AWG conductors (26AWG is thicker than the 30AWG used by most of our competitors), to ensure that your HD signal maintains the highest possible level of integrity with minimal signal loss. You can rely on our cables to deliver a superior result.

HDMI - The Ultimate In High Definition Picture & Sound Quality
HDMI is one of the latest interconnection technologies which provides the highest quality Digital Audio and Video connection. It carries both the Digital Audio and Digital Video signals in one cable. As the signal remains digital right from the display to the source, there is no loss caused by digital to analogue conversion.

Uses For Mini HDMI Plug To Standard HDMI Plug
This HDMI to mini HDMI cable is designed for connecting from small, portable high definition devices (eg: digital cameras, HD video cameras, etc) with a Mini HDMI connection, to devices with a standard HDMI connection, such as an LCD / Plasma TV.This cable provides an excellent connection to transfer information from mini HDMI to standard HDMI reliably and quickly. The standard HDMI plug is known as HDMI Type A, while the Mini HDMI plug is also known as HDMI Type C.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) enables a single cable to deliver both high definition video and multi-channel digital audio via an all-digital connection between your devices. This HDMI cable also features an HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) for network streaming and internet connection sharing, plus an Audio Return Channel (ARC) for return audio from your TV to your AV receiver without the need for an extra optical cable.

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