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Infrared IR Remote Control Extend System Value Kit A1216

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Infrared IR Remote Control Extend System Value Kit A1216

Part Number: POS-126129

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Economic Infrared IR Remote Control / Repeater Kit
Are your devices hidden away in a cabinet / cupboard / behind the couch etc? Are you sick of getting up to use the remote? This IR Kit solves the problem! This Ecomonc IR Repeater Kit is the perfect, budget-conscious kit to simplify the way in which you control your Home Entertainment system. Many of today's Home Theatre / Hi-Fi systems are set up with some of the equipment (DVD Player, Amplifier / Receiver etc) out of the way, eg: in a cupboard / cabinet, at the rear of the room, behind the couch, etc. The problem this causes is that if you want to control these devices with a remote control, you have to open the cupboard door, or point the remote control behind you, or something equally as annoying. This IR kit allows you to point all your remote controls forwards (eg: at the TV), and not worry about where each device is located.

It's simple:
- Place the Mini IR Receiver in front of where you sit (eg: near your TV).
- Place the IR emitter(s) over the IR receiver / sensor of your device(s).
- Plug the IR Receiver and the IR Emitter into the IR Hub.
- Plug the power adaptor into a mains power outlet and into the IR Hub.
Then all you have to do is point your remote control forwards (at the IR Receiver), which will automatically send the signal through to your devices!

Note For Foxtel Users
Foxtel is notoriously hard to get to work with IR repeaters. This model unfortunately is NOT suitable. We do have other more suitable models available.

Need to extend over longer distances?
The dual IR emitter (included) and the dual band IR receiver (included) each have 3m of cable. If you need a longer length (for example if your equipment is in another room), please don't hesitate to call us and we can discuss your options. We also stock a similar kit (A1148A) which is capable of transmitting to another room.

Kit Includes:
- 1 x Dual IR Emitter
- 1 x Dual Band Mini Stick IR Receiver
- 1 x IR Hub
- 1 x Power Supply (12V DC 200mA)

- Everything you need is included
- Controls up to 2 devices (eg: DVD player and Amplifier)
- Purchase additional emitters to control up to 4 devices

Features - IR Hub:
- Two emitter output connections, each can take a dual emitter
- 3.5mm socket for interfacing with many brands of IR receivers
- Compact size to place discretely near audio / video equipment
- Dimensions: 47mm(L) x 25mm(W) x 22mm(H)

Features - Dual Band IR Receiver:
- CFL friendly - allows installations in areas with compact fluorescent lighting
- Works in most lighting environments
- Blue LED for IR confirmation
- Wide band IR Receiver can receive IR from many types of remotes
- Self-adhesive tape for quick and easy fixing on any flat surface
- 3m cable with 3.5mm stereo mini-plug

Some remote controls now use Bluetooth instead of infrared. Please note that Bluetooth remotes are not compatible with this infrared extender system. This system only works with infrared remote controls. If you're unsure, please feel free to email or call our friendly experts.

Specifications - Dual Band IR Receiver:
- Receive Frequency Range: 34 kHz to 60 kHz
- Transmit Frequencies: 38 kHz & 56 kHz
- Range: 40ft @ 38 kHz, 25ft @ 56 kHz
- Power: 12V DC, 30mA max
- Dimensions: 43mm(L) x 14mm(W) x 13mm(H)
- Cord Length: 10ft (3m)
- Connector Type: 3.5mm TRS mini plug